Rosita is my favorite, digging through dirt,
Do not lure Grover to a pile of dirt.

Most times, the best things are yellow,
Like big birds feathers glows with no dirt.

Not all cookie masters have cookies to give,
Whatever he hands you is moulded dirt.

The talking TV and the keyboard that plays itself,
Grandma thinks it’s a show of organised dirt.

Elmo’s voice is Anita’s voice from a distance,
Unless her throat is clogged with dirt.

The nine planets dance to an unusual song,
The stars, from a distance, look like dirt.

Grandma turns of the TV and makes us take a walk,
Fresh air, she said, is better than a show of dirt.

Muppets are fun to watch knowing hands control them,
If they showed us their feet, we’d be wowed at the dirt.

I wonder if Grover will ever have a clear voice,
Its like comparing his throat to a bin of dirt.

She watched for as long as she was a kid
But Adekunbi also played in the dirt.


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