Love Me

Can love ever be enough?
We wave at what our hands refuse to see
So we open the door to hate.
Like roads, we feel tarred but that’s just a filter
The real disguise is louder than noise.
The poise of love is merely a shadow
We love, we hate, we hate the love we love again
Yes. Beauty stands tall with an attractive dent
And that’s the best face since Cinderella.
Who fights for love?

Who has thirst killed?
Loving you is as white as black
And so it’s easier for hate to love.
It’s clearly dim, truly a shallow depth
But that’s just the window’s view
The roof fell underground (on the ground)
To lift the cleanest mud of affection.
Like i used to call you Lilly…Lilian
I care, I am here, I still wear this tear
Would you still love to love?


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