Love Me

Why has the spark left your eyes?
Making this mighty mountain descend between us
With both feet my truth held tight
As my patience grew like a dove
Latching on I cried, “love me, love me.”
Beyond the stench of my belch
Through the krrrrrr of my snore
I hoped that you would stay, for you to stay I hoped.
I miss your smile, laugh and soothing kiss
Do you no longer love me?

Did you not take the light from my spark?
You wedged a mighty mountain between us
I felt just one foot, the other held lose
You were as a dove that lacked patience
Yet I heard you cry, “love me, love me.”
I rue the stench of your belch
And the krrrrrrrrr of your snore
You hoped that I would stay, for me to stay you hoped
Yes I’ll miss your smile, laugh, and soothing kiss
But tell me why should I keep loving you?


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