Needs Will All Disappear

In the end, we all lose to six feet or ashes,
Faithfully unfaithful ugly needs will fade,
Only person time waits for is no one,
Shadow of wants casts upon all.
Bridle your tongue, lend me your ears-
I’m too tall to be telling short tales.
Tick tock! Tick tock! Sun rises to set,
You’re too young to matter, too old to bother,
Life is but a friendly rattlesnake,
I bet you’re not unaware of her never ending gifts,
As long as you live, your needs weigh a ton,
Sigh! If only wants could tell us our needs.
There’s a name to blame if you remain same,
Train thoughts to teach themselves to think,
Worrying is rust of happiness you deserve,
Like ray of sun, you’ll lose it all within a twinkle.

Tomide Abdul

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