This Is Where It Ends

Like an ill-built wall
Most heartbreaks begin with tiny cracks
The small things for which we fall
It’s hardly about the big things we have
It’s about the flimsy ones we lack

Even circles have start and end
This sweet wine has fallen out of grace
With patience even dry sticks bend
But when the keg runs out even fresh ones break
To this coin there is a third face.

I have cried to keep you
Now I say my goodbyes with a smile
The sad times were many, the good ones few
The journey was more than its worth
Right now I’ve just traveled the last mile

This road has been straight for too long
The recipe is old now the soup tastes stale
This movie needs a new background song
Goodbye is the new welcome embrace
I’ve bled the old blood so new cells may, thence, stem

The beginning hiding behind,
using the parts hollow to find.
This is where you have led us to
the page where river divides too.
The same place where names bear names
where the rainbow claims.
It has syllables of death
colored windows from the Earth.
This same place of endings and fading
where these words are not in hiding.

Welcome to this phase of incompetent air
no kings, crowns or heirs.
The place of plural sin
the reckoning of the actors’ scene.
Welcome to Hades’ haven
judgement irritates the skin of the raven.
This same faint chant with colors
pair it with the hollow horrors.
Where time finds it’s end and die
where dusk begins to feel slightly high.

Ruddapoet [TRCP] X Thomas Tee2emm Bot

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