Win If You Would


Do not retire from the shovel deeds,
A great journey awaits your kind of seeds.
Lose some! Lose some! Free the loud weight
run through the track that always wait.
Disdain from the shadows that hold you back,
Lose some fear, that medal is on your track.

When tomorrow comes, punch it in the face,
keep your fist together, steady your pace.
Clench fists! Clench fists! Enter that ring
and bid farewell to who’s not king.
This crown is yours, win it at a good cause,
Clench fists at life, do not let it press pause.

Father always said, ‘son win if you must’
pick up my strength, heed the choice you must trust.
Stand tall! Stand tall! Black boy look far
reach for that greatness, you’re a star.
I see you stand with glory, my winner
Stand tall, beat your chest, God calls the sinner.

Ruddapoet [TRCP]

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