Jilted a couple of times

Old to Love

Stories that touch
Stories of old
Old but fair
Old call time
Time before page
Time in Words
Words of heart
Words from soul
Soul food sold
Soul to bleed
Bleed the pain
Bleed the heart
Heart to remember
Heart to fold
Fold memories
Fold pain
Pain molds before
Pain wrecks walls
Walls build walls
Walls hold grudges
Grudges take heels
Grudges fake smiles
Smiles never last
Smiles bring hurt
Hurt looks same
Hurt does drive
Drive out anger
Drive hollow grave
Grave not grace
Grave your fear
Fear not men
Fear does break
Break this norm
Break all anger
Anger yields voices
Anger can shout
Shout the pain
Shout in quiet
Quiet the heart
Quiet your foot
Foot all bills
Foot the thorns
Thorns grow roses
Thorns become beauty
Beauty is God
Beauty is Love
Love does forget
Love should forgive

Ruddapoet [TRCP]

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