Jilted a couple of times


Old ugly path
Old sour thoughts
Thoughts of hurt
Thoughts of heartbreaks
Heartbreaks from love
Heart breaks from beauty
Beauty does ferment
Beauty isn’t always beautiful
Beautiful some days
Beautiful bright sunrise
Sunrise sometimes rejuvenates
Sunrise other times burns
Burns deep inside
Burns from love
Love gone wild
Love gone wrong
Wrong people dating
Wrong hands relating
Relating to not relate
Relating towards hurt
Hurt from love’s roots
Hurt for a while
While the heart’s young
While you grow
Grow out of darkness
Grow into future
Future like light
Future sometimes replays past
Past pain passed
Past may beget love
Love as many times
Love takes to find home
Home is the heart
Home must be built
Built from scratch
Built from ruins
Ruins of past joy
Ruins of bliss
Bliss before gloom
Bliss before hurt came
Came from a haven
Came to remind
Remind me of hurdles
Remind me to remember
Remember love isn’t always love
Remember love comes at a cost
Cost that everyone pays
Cost fair enough for love

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