How Home Healed Us

You are home

Home found me
Home is you
You brought hope
You brought peace
Peace reigned here
Peace to love
Love anew
Love so real
Real feelings
Read blue skies
Skies that shine
Skies that rain
Rain that cleanse
Rain to bless
Bless two hearts
Bless this bond
Bond we groom
Bond we grow
Grow into
Grow to be
Be angels
Be the light
Light we bring
Light to win
Win battles
Win freedom
Freedom thrives
Freedom speaks
Speaks to all
Speaks of dreams
Dreams on fire
Dreams we see
See clearly
See and seek
Seek to find
See to keep
Keep from sin
Keep alive
Alive we
Alive feel
Feel among
Feel so close
Close right now
Close to you
You are warm
You are home
Home I want
Home for us


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