How Home Healed Us


Heal the world
Heal the children
Children are readers
Children are leaders
Leaders of tomorrow
Leaders should learn
Learn to give
Learn to love
Love one another
Love is free
Free of hatred
Free heart
Heart is listening
Heart is willing
Willing to help
Willing to hear
Hear the speaker
Hear the message
Message of living
Message from home
Home the healer
Home the teacher
Teacher of pains
Teacher with aims
Aims to grow
Aims to guide
Guide steps
Guide mind
Mind is willing
Mind is hungry
Hungry to feed
Hungry to see
See the body
See the soul
Soul is longing
Soul is waiting
Waiting to breathe
Waiting to know
Know the truth
Know an idea
Idea to grow
Idea for healer
Healer is home
Healer is a friend
Friend to stay
Friend forever
Forever till death
Forever a gift

Tomide Abdul

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