Just Another Friday!

Today is just another day,
Another day to be careful-
be careful what you wish for
be careful what you say
be careful who you let into your space.
Some will stay,
some will state
that your goodness was much too foul for them.
Be careful who you dine with
be careful who you whine to;
a whining horse sometimes has had too much-
too much bad news
too much bad luck
too much fighting for one soul to bear. Having
too little to keep, or
too much to drink
in order to drown the memories and stay afloat.
It is just another day
assuming that ‘just’ is just a currency that is just so cheap.
It is yet another day. But
you can never tell tomorrow
what you saw today
if you don’t live right,
through this moment.

Jennifer Dafwat

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