I Take It All Back

The cloud does not hold these love legs,
think of how I fell thinking it owned a bed.
There was my tongue swearing about the dregs
that lived in my heart, the tomb we misread.

Hallow be those words that fell from the tree,
healing broken roads, healing tearing tears.
How did I spread those legs, who did agree?
How did I cuddle those ugly fears?

All I remember is a lonely room and you
aligned with my lies whistled through a kiss.
Attach not those stars, remove that color blue
and tell it to the wind, it is me you do not miss.

Love is a garden tended with little doubt
living beyond the mountain, where rainbows hide.
Lies are scissors trimming flowers from a wrong route,
lay open a heart that finds love side by side.

Ruddapoet Rudolph

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