Peaks and Mountains

You only live once.
Sometimes life is measured by the number of successes we amount scaling through hurdles
Burning through fire or finding a way to survive while drowning.
Opportunities are set before every man like roasted meat
But, unlike suya you don’t get to taste before the bargain
Every man is well open to choice; to fight through it, and die a hero
Or back out of the struggles, and die forgotten
Fortunately, suya waits for no man
It’s more of a case of first come first serve
Highest bidders sometimes have to wait, or go home hungry.
We often like to think we pick our own battles
If we did, every man would pick one that wouldn’t cost a drop of sweat
The battles rather choose us like they’ve been watching, and preparing for our weakest moment
Unexpectedly, unprepared we get caught up in a web
Can’t run forward or thread to where we hcoming from
The mountains surrounds, and lays a siege in alliance with confusion, and being naive
Often times the problem is; not knowing if to climb the mountain or just sit and wait till its mama calls
Problems are problems, and solutions are solutions
We all are in the same hell, we just fight different looking demons
Demons are demons, and evil is evil
We all would have to fight one someday,
Confront evil, for us or for a cause that breathes life into our very existence
We all would be challenged by mountains, and the only way through, is to make it to the very peak
Not try to go around it,
Mountains today, footstool tomorrow.

Victor Oyedele

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