Peaks and Mountains


I see you aiming to climb,
Plotting your rise, your strive,
I see you lifting from the floor,
Crawling on pebbles and flying in style,
Same you I sipped gin with all night,
While we spoke about bringing others down
Wishing them bad and making them frown.
How about last week Thursday?
When we waited so much for Friday,
So we could purchase from the pharmacy,
Emzolyn that was banned for drug addicts.
Let’s act like I don’t remember,
What you did last December,
Taking a life because of fame,
Claiming it is part of the rules of the game,
And now that you have praises to your name,
You still want to go higher than you came,
But without me, your dear friend.
I heard you now have a new network,
Pastors, bishops, popes and christianity,
You now want a good life till eternity,
And you’ve confessed the sins you committed alone,
But crediting the blame to me cause I’m dumb.
I’m used to being the culprit for men,
Reason I built my own kind of den,
You all forget I was once an angel too,
But I fell after I rose to my peak.
You’ve left me after your rise to prominence,
No, I’m not mad, I won’t leak no evidence,
Same you that we toured at night, the evil forest,
Now lay flat on bed with a Bible on your chest.
I’ll let Karma deal with this its own way,
‘Law of gravity’ After your rise, you’ll fall,
And you’ll lose all your all,
Let’s see who gets to stand tall,
The same mountains that house your peak,
Would eventually laugh at you when you’re weak,
Then, you’ll remember you have a friend,
But by then, it’s already the end.
This would be the last time I’ll write,
Warning to tell you that my way is right.
Yours faithfully. HRM King Satan, the first.

Tomide Abdul

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