Save The Land | Victor Oyedele

Hand tower

My heart is weak,

And the pain is heavy on me

The fate of the helpless,

The lame cannot walk into any glory

The blind can’t see any future

The world is getting crazier, sick

As the second race round and round

Who prays for the motherless?

My heart weeps for abandoned babies

Could that be part of a purpose of life?

We spend our lives chasing things invaluable,

Spend our earnings, building houses,

And tasting every fine wine we set our eyes upon

Our children are dying every day,

Not just from lack of food

Our children are starved of attention

The attention they require to help them blossom.

On the streets are scattered, their unripe petals

Not mature for the heat of the sun.

So they go about plundering, and wandering

Destroying themselves, and others

The men have lost their way like drunkards

Abandoning their wives, and seeking pleasure from their young daughters

The tides have changed, and heading back to the ocean

In the name of pursuing careers, and feminism

Our mothers are running east,

Looking for a sunset

The human race has sacrificed humanity

For mere vanity.

Life is said to be a test,

On this score sheet, we all scoring an F.

My heart weeps, and my eyes bleed

The ground is freezing, and the water is a burning flame,

The world has taken a nosedive in a solid rock.

The strong don’t always win a fist fight,

The rich also have a need

A little love here and there would do better.


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Victor Oyedele(Olaveez)
is from Ondo state.
He grew up in Kaduna, Kaduna State.
He’s a graduate of Political Science.
He loves music, cooking, and helping people understand things better.
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