We called her ‘Easy’ | Vera Bonny


We once had an orphan cat
No one knew her mother
Her father was a stray.
She had a white fur,
And a dark patch on one eye
Which gazed at you
With an accusatory glance.

We called her ‘Easy’,
And so was everything else.
She was bottle fed, spoilt rotten.
Which mad easy a lazy tart.
She ate and rolled up on her fours
Arched her back for a rub
As that was her daily routine.

Streaks of grey
Marked our couch and rug.
There was always a bowl of sand
In a corner for Easy’s business.
Everyone cooed up to her,
Except me.
I don’t like the way she tickles or fleas.
And raised her lazy feet all day
Coiled up to be tended to.
Easy knew me well,
And kept her distance
Which worked for both of us.

One day, no one was home.
Hopefully no nosy neighbours.
I looked down hard at her,
And quickly hatched a plan.
I fed her with milk,
Which she gulped suspiciously.
She fell asleep all cosy,
With a smug smirk.

I rolled her easily into a sack
And walked as fast as I could
Until I found a valley, with water
Flowing under.
I threw her in and scuttled back
Happy that I was rid of her.
On reaching home, I saw Easy
Snuggled in the living room
Her fur still wet and cold
I gasped with shock and couldn’t move
She hissed and scratched all vengeful,
Until someone came to my rescue.

From that day onwards,
I avoided her.
Cause there is no riddance
To an orphan kitty.


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