Water Won’t Quench This Thirst

No water can quench the fire burning in man.
Just as nothing can fill the void in his soul.
He would do whatever he can,
To fill that hole.
But as the fire keeps burning,
It burns down and out everything in it.
That’s why when he sleeps he keeps turning,
Because no position can be the perfect fit.
The fire is the man’s drive,
That pushes him in search of what he is.
It’s his in-built function to always thrive
To acquire whatever will be his.
This same man has crossed waters,
And crossed many lines.
If his course he alters,
And goes to bow in shrines,
It’s just to keep the fire burning and try to fill the vacuum.
The desire in a man is the fire in his eyes.
they may take him to Neptune,
Or fly him past the skies.
Maybe one day he’ll come back to the earth
Through the cloud in form of rain.
But the water is not thirst saving,
For nothing in the life of man is gain.
So you see,
Until man is at his best,
And does all he can to be free
Nothing, not even water can quench his thirst


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