Inner Beauty:What It Means

What words can be used to define beauty?
I know so well, what unfolds has insight,
therefore what is buried down cannot die.
The one they call inner is like the sun,
shining through the skin, heart and on the lips.
Poor words to describe such an adjective,
a sky above us where rain must fall from,
a sea holding water that lays its head.
What can be said of inner in beauty?
Is it chocolate whose taste isn’t brown?
Some days it is kindness living downtown,
Odd days has humility on duty.
Beauty with such examples are not dead,
Only a song can tell of the good drum,
like moon at night becoming vindictive.
Whatever is inner still pours and drips,
like bullets that silently leave a gun.
Therefore, truth buried down can never lie,
it always unfolds like sun in pure sight.
It’s always the tree grown to be fruity.

Ruddapoet Rudolph

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