Inner Beauty:What It Means

I really don’t know what inner beauty is
Because good conduct is good for its name
Respect already has a fine name
Cheerful is cheerful all by itself

Beauty is all I see when I behold a beautiful woman
Beauty is all I see when when a good looking man walks in
Beauty is seen with the eyes
Binoculars are not needed
Beauty should take your breath away
Beauty should make heads turn
Beauty should force you to look again
Beauty should be in the eyes
Beauty is bare, painfully bare
Beauty should cause you to have an accident
Even if it is to drop a cup
Beauty is the way your steps are arranged
Beauty is in how you hang your head
Beauty is in how your nose tilts to pick perfume
Beauty is in how your lips curl around food or a smile
Beauty is seen not when the eyes close
Inner beauty, where is it?
If I see it, then it is beautiful.


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