My Night In A Nutshell


My nutshell night needed only you,
one who would cure my balls that were blue.
You seem to be so far
Snoring deep like the star.
My night felt like a nut with no clue.

If only such nights bore gifts we please,
I won’t wake up to disturb your peace.
That night-so kolanut
Wide awake like deep cut.
I wanted you bad like coat and fleece.

I woke up in the whispers of cold,
your hands felt far, just nothing to hold.
Dear blanket, talk to me
Shield me from the cold bee
and forever I’d treat you like gold

Ruddapoet Rudolph
Stiletto heels and a red dress
Uber will find the right address
Conscience preach, tyres screech
Ignoring the engine’s speech
Embracing the cold night’s caress.

Smoky room full of girls with flare,
For drinks and other drugs to care.
Thighs exposed for eyes to feast
Every beauty manned by her beast.
Lustful bodies ready to snare.

Dim lights and loud music playing,
My hands on the dance floor straying
Movements select a tune
Somehow feelings immune
Soon sweat spreads, the wetness spraying.

Big bold billboard in brilliant blue
With a herd of beautiful girls but the words were few
In brief it read “miss in, miss out”
So thought-seeds of misdemeanour sprout
I thought ‘anyone can miss but certainly not you’

Evening ebbed in ending the wait
Somehow, I must have arrived late
For I was admitted without a Miss In
The session took forever as my patience grew thin
It was starting to look like one of those days I hate

Men mingling, minutes loathing but I meant to mind my business
Waiting to fetch my Miss Out with eagerness
So the long awaited second finally came
I still reminisce that night and cower in shame
My perception of “miss in, miss out” was the first son of my foolishness

Black atmosphere with silent voice
Singing loud songs in my ears with no choice.
Pouring water on the face of sleep.
In wakeful state my promises I keep.
The banging of my head,aches rejoice.

A night with no dream,
Heading towards a huge gleam,
Not bright enough to shine a light.
Dark enough to take delight
From the face of a scream.

Very short in a long way.
Too dry to make a day.
Seeking to hide in a weak end.
A night following trend,
That’s what my night in a nutshell can say.

It all started at the dinner table
When his appetite became unable
To eat this lobster that refused to be cooked
So each time a fork was lifted, the prawn looked
To remind him that she was capable…

This was the end of the first chapter
Dessert then came on a different platter
Too sweet, too creamy,too tasty for her teeth
She invited many sugars whom she went to bed with
And confection aided conception after.

My room was closest to the loo
Not even incense burnt could do.
The smell was swell
My innards swelled and stayed up in the smell.
And the whole house attended this vigil too.

For a night that got stuck in a nutshell,
Very much about it I can tell.
All I wanted was sleep.
Nothing shallow, something deep
Its beauty, i could smell.

The floor i laid on emitted heat.
No one had to suggest,that i seat.
Ardo kola is against me.
My neighbours cigar fumes won’t let me be .
To this savage, i was meat .

I didn’t look, i didn’t care.
The clothes on me i did tear.
Tonight , i would let them see.
All of me for no fee.
And tomorrow’s shame i would gladly bear .


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