The Many Faces Fear Wears


As long as humans live in boxes
A next door neighbour
Unnerving. Eerie. Creepy. Spectral.
Night time usurper
Stepping in like a house owner
A knack for dirtiness that leaves you neat.
It weds at night when their antennas host the reception.
In bags, rags, sacks, and rack, they wrack.
The only fright in the world.
A listener, attentive.
Keeping me awake, keeping me alive, keeping me at night.
Takes my night at day and gives me my day at night.
After an exterminator visits.

On stage
He is a man of his words.
Dread, horror, alarm,scare.
His voice is shaky,
Loud like thunder.
His light is dark.
This made the maid see in the sea.
Raining into the brain,draining,yet can’t complain.
The worst feeling ever.
He is a restless man in a room.
I am unstable,I am shaky,I am vibrating.
Here is my fear,my fear is here.
Outside the stage I am bold.

Locked in an airtight space
Its hand feel for my neck,
Sucking, choking, paralyzing, knifing.
Breathing hot into my lungs,
Like a mad man on fire.
I’m dying to make a wish, dying is not my wish.
Its embrace is a shove to the grave.
Cold, bold, sold to its task.
Stylishly magnificent in its act,
It saturates its presence in gentle strides.
Weakening my flesh, weakening my mind, all my defenses weakened.
I feel my spirit leave my body, my body living without a spirit.
Dashing away, as soon as air engulfs me,
Winter blues!

At the sight of the unexpected.
A blanket of fire
The salt in my tea
As frightening as rapture.
Always lying to me.
An elephant carrying no weight.
like the fat cat on pats hat.
As troubling as world war 2
An ugly loud silence
Any time, any day, any where.
Helps me forget what to remember and reminds me what I should to forget.
Leaving me as soon as I find a true distraction.

At the sight of an attraction,
The archer who always misses,
Rejection, grief, frail , solitary.
Cupid’s broken bow
Heart shatters like shards of glass.
Encouraging myself with the sun that appears in the night.
If I were to be a fruit, I’d be called fearapple.
I’ll take a pill, chill & drill,
The only fear that lives in the heart of humans.
A bully, heartless
Fear of rejection, fear of depression, fear of losing you before you’re mine.
Stuck between showing my emotions or allowing my emotions show.
For as long as I breathe, the fear seems to live.

Locked in without much air or light
House of cards crumbling
Gasping for fresh air
Envelope of never ending fall
It’s as black as the dead of night
My life is restored to a 100 percent
Man’s life is at steak
Hot or cold, slowing down my motion
It seeks to drown my existence in volcano
Even death itself came knocking at my door
Pleading for my life, pleading for my breath, pleading to feed on my soul
My heart beating heavily, the beats of my heart are heavy
When I open my eyes and wake from my day dream
Hell in a cell

Standing where the waters have no shoulders,
It is a head wrapped in a polybag,
Wide depths of colourlessness.
It gets the hands that know just how to strangle me,
When a canal opens like a tragic letter.
Yes, I swim but only in a bucket of water,
My convenient sea ends within the walls of a bucket.
All ails as its eyes open,
A drop more than a bucket-full is a enough to drown,
I can’t keep eye contact with her glass-like eyes.
It looks vile, it looks callous and it looks unforgiving.
As soon as I dive into its open arms, I drown in its armlessness,
But when the bench on the shores kick my feet up all becomes a beautiful view.

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