There Is An Acrostic Behind All Of These

Love in a box, like a gift or a casket,
Enveloping sunlight or death.
On days when love stays out sleeping,
Needing a melody to awake;
Every sentry rages from under to surface,
Levelling calm and restoring temper –
Leaving the water to verify her name.

Each, a temple
Carrying hats of ordinances.
Hoping to be saved by the death of the synagogue,
After the water fires the flame.

May your future welcome you with arms open wide
Irrespective of what you denied yesterday and today .
Ignite a fire and sustain it
Do not be afraid of what it becomes.
On life’s stage, be who you are and
Not who you should be.
God will be watching you.

Daughter of my father,
A song will remind you of what is to come but
Lose not the focus that got you here.
Own your smiles and warm their hearts.
Eat on wisdom for
Nothing is more profitable than that.
Glow ! My blessing with thee.

Valiantly she faces her fears,
Eloquent taste to match her name,
Rarity finds her heart a home,
Accepting her with a good cheer.

Bonny black hair, pride of her mane,
Olive grace each strand with a shine.
Nicely, she adorns every braid
Neatly tucked between her nape
Youthful she appears like a rose.

Being human isn’t our choice to make,
Accepting what we see is a norm.
No existence is better than the one before you.
Growth is a separation from decrease.
Wellbeing and being well all fall to wellness.
An act can’t be character without being a habit.
Names are coat of arms that we all bear.

Understanding sometimes stands under our ability,
So we struggle to fit in even when it is wrong,
Mimicking another man just to be strong,
Attracting wrong impression in our right senses,
Numbering alphabets to strike a balance.

Bangwan Usman.
Renegade grasses will reunite those earthing wordsー
Understand the color mixed to make humans.
Dig deeper,
Overturn the balance of the moon.
Leave the page like the sky would leaf a tear,
Pre-planting the seeds in the right hole.
Hold steadfast these words when you write.

Add a little spice of metaphor while words pour,
Do not forget, stress may be the line.
Initiate the habit of consistent company,
Drink from the bowels of Eve’s daughter.
In the vain of a poem, be a good poet’s tree.

Rudolph Adidi
The womb that bore this embattled seed
Hands that wipe-heal the flood-like tears gathering
Oasis that cured all life’s desert inflicted ailments
Mary, the dew to a ruffled rose
All routes lead where she sleeps in peace
Sealed, like an envelop, with angels’ saliva

Borrowed breath I breathe with
Owed due I may never offset
Through the dirt, I’m still striving to stay afloat


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