For Those Who Were Not Born


Dear John, stay where you are.
There is nothing as far as near.
Yes, i believe in fear,
The steps you never hear coming
With imprisoned drumming.
Still,stay behind your string and sleep.
Secrets are ours to keep.
For memories, don’t weep today.

Life has nothing to say
When death has been away for long.
Here you do not belong.
And your voices are wrong again.
There is no better pain
Than betraying to gain this kiss.
There is much more you miss
Try being born to this once more.

We were all from one pot
Then some made it their plot to act.
Stories built to react,
Some have pages, in fact just see,
No waters in their sea.
They were dead before freedom came
To put life in a frame
Stories that had a name to stay.

You have heard of the way,
How good souls get to pay the price.
Initiated by size,
And left to their demise and tale.
Some are born with the tail
And for some, its horn fail the test.
Some think God is a pest,
cause their tales are arrested all.

For those who were not born
Of woman or a strong idea,
Nothing is left to fear
Lest a tear for the teary day.
You will never know may
Or the true tricks to playing safe,
The joy of being chafe
Or becoming a waif again.

Know that there is no gain
For life’s streams does flow pain along
Paths it gently paved long
ago, before its flogging tail
Dug the sand. It was frail
Like the writings from Braille’s lagoon
And we let it win,soon
Before we had food on our spoons.

I fear for those not born,
They may not feel love’s burn or beam.
The nineties was a dream,
Every act shunned a sin we played.
The melodies replayed,
Innocence rightly claimed the truth.
Like fairies claimed my tooth,
Calls coming from this booth may chime.

So we roll back in time,
When loving was no crime or lust.
Happiness had no cost.
Hearts willingly gained trust, no fears
Of breaking up in tears.
The awesome smile hope wears to dance.
Cupid might miss a chance,
To plunge some into trance for love.

Your tears are still not cried.
Your patience, still not tried. Be calm
With your fresh unbruised palm.
Save for yourself some balm. Don’t ask
All these smiles are just masks
In war’s Sun man will bask and smile
That’s a token, he’s vile

These stories have been told
By both feeble and bold, not tales.
Stars were blotted with wails,
Crude wisdom always fails, that’s true.
The truth was told by few,
But from gross lies war grew, all broke
All got share from the stroke
History takes the stoke, things lost

Looks like a place to be,
When fun is all you see and feel.
In there is no big deal,
So you strive with much zeal to go
Regardless of the show,
Everyone wants to blow,one time.
Singing songs with no rhyme,
You enjoy and you mime the noise,

Not all beats give good sound.
Though plants grow from the ground with sand
That’s what makes it a land
Where the living all stand to die,
Sometimes with no goodbye,
Sometimes hi then we cry, a wink
Unstable eyes we blink
Before you know you sink, careful.

To the every cum, that
Raced on the matrix fat and bore
Pair defeat, that is sore.
To the womb from the fore epoch, suck
Pills to slay, and to chuck
The fetus of the duck that’s unborn.
To the babies that lorn
And to those of forlorn. Bad fate.

Your eyes were meant to see
All the beautiful blee of life.
Mouth to suck dug in rife.
The hands to reach and strive for toys.
But death, fordo your joy.
Cared free to know if boy or not.
Cease your existence and altered the off lot for you.


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