The Way Death Keeps In Touch.


No phone yet you won’t stop calling.
No voice yet you come in bawling.

Acting all good always in touch.
Every gift you bring takes so much.

You are indeed a friend in need,
For in your friend’s gladness you feed.

Your faithfulness won’t stop checking
to know how much tears are there,Ill.

Your sight makes me sick, living will
Make me sicker and sicker, still

Wondering how this makes you feel,
That my life to you is a meal.

You know how you have a number,
But then you never see its use.

Then one day you just remember
To dial it with ripe excuse

Like hey, i really have been busy.
But you too did not keep in touch.

I dialed on Sunday severally,
But maybe you were in church?

Death will never reason that way.
She says a bye without a hi,

And leaves a note for you to convey:
“Hey it’s me, just thought to say hi.”

It is never about who fights
Best to revive the dying lights.

I have been there just once or twice
And I had my turn with the dice.

The way death keeps in touch is far
Beyond a flee in a fast car.

It can squeeze you like a dry cough
Reminding you that life is tough .

Though some sins are for the keeping
Some wounds will never find healing

Just because we choose not to try,
Believing all could be a lie .

I can’t ask you to brake your core
Or stick to all that leaves you sore.

You can let die, if it is right
And pray it lets you sleep at night

I doubt if you have a clock there.
Only a cloak that brings you here.

How you teleport between time,
tells me you knew this before 9.

Do you ever choose where to rest?
Cause you pick on even the best.

You are synonymous to air
that’s why your skin looks dark and fair.

Are you Sir or Ma, who are you?
So I prepare a feast for two.

I heard you have a touchscreen pad
please pick on your sons and those lads.

The unfamiliar flood of fear
Our hearts painfully try to rear.

Everyday is a missing peace,
Worn out puzzles for the lost piece.

Displeasing dark rays of sun shines,
Empty boxes arranged in lines.

The looming grave marks in our yard,
And a fate Unknowingly marred.

Stories of a world beyond time,
Where coloured birds know how to rhyme.

Through seasons and a few marked dates,
Somewhere, somehow, someone awaits.

He lets the breeze whisper to you
Reminding your skin to feel new

It’s nothing that you woke up late
It matters more that you meet fate

Zig zags and circles contain lines
Cats jump too even with their nines

We pray, we do, we try, alas
We cry too, pain has no atlas

We fight to become full of life
Being in touch and out of touch

So death stops by to remind us
To say hi before he makes us

For every slice, you open a new page
Of things I remember or wish to forget
Memories are forever and difficult to forget
And so are you
For your brilliance is blinding
And your night is dark
Darker than darkness
Onions make me cry


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