Poetry: Two Drops For The Bereaved

If i could wake you,
These things i would say to you:
Take this glass of gin.

Of what use is dying when
We die with a good liver?

Okay. Just one drop,
Or maybe two for old times.
Beefeater? Greenhook?

I miss you, frankly speaking.
Let’s play catch up when we meet.

Comfort, please come forth.
There is a heart in sorrow.
Wake from your hollow.

For the hope of tomorrow,
We cast gloom to the shadows.

True drops of relief,
Simple words for the bereaved.
Take heart my dear ones.

Real heroes sleep in cold graves.
Don’t weep, or sadness will cave.

In this trek of grief,
Many hearts will be broken.
Though the trip is brief,

And sometimes doesn’t sound true,
But the pain is eternal.

So,this is for you,
You who will never let go.
No much words but few,

Absence is another lack
That won’t give glue to your heart.

Our Li has gone home.
This time she wouldn’t return.
He called,she answered.

She’s left in our hearts a void,
Stuffed with memories of time.

Be comforted vee,
And know that peace is now hers.
He called, she answered.

Now she can smile from above
With no pain, nor fears, nor tears.

No stitch can make up
what has torn the riverbank.
Not a needle’s joy.

Goodbye for me is the end.
It always means gone for good.

From a heart of stone
did a saddened river flow
with no empty banks.

Two drops to kiss your soul, earth.
Just so you know, I miss you.

A tale about life.
For the living it was said.
A tale about death.

Sobering up, lost thinking.
Gearing up, awake drinking.

A tale for a soul.
One down, two less, more to go.
Cheers to a lost tale.

Like stars warning about death,
But lost again, we faded.

We’re a two faced coin;
The first face lies in the womb.
The other, in tomb.

This maths we’re still not used to
In spite still stuck in its web

Let’s burn two candles;
The first for those who are gone,
And for those they left.

Water is all part of it.
We drink and refund in tears.

Cry but do not die.
Comfort self with heavy sigh.
Sob, a sweet solace.

Grieve to find a great relief.
Say no word to those bereaved.

Relieve the bereaved
With the eyes not with the mouth.
Cry with them! Cry loud!

In facade or In the truth,
Drop at least, a tear or two


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