Poetry: Life


Angel or mortal,
Your identity I seek.
Danger or safety?

Your assurance, I will need.
Knife,wife, with these your name rhyme.

Easy road to death.
Your presence I can’t explain,
Yet life you are called.

In you lies every i’fe,
So we wed you with much pay.

We all stand to gain.
Dead or alive, we survive
This water called rain.

All the days we try to save,
We will flood and leave to drown.

Like a seed planted,
We would die only to grow.
Life’s a good garden.

There are flowers everywhere,
Pick one for your butterfly.

There is life in life,
If you dare to live this time.
Yes! Once is enough!

So love as much as you can,
And cry when pain shows its face.

Life is not a gift,
Lest you put your hopes in it.
It cannot be owned.

So breathe as much as you can.
Live, and when you die, you die.

A blend of two worlds.
Smiles and tears, its constituents.
Precarious route.

Caution cannot be safety
For both man and deity.

Beauty and a beast,
Like tides of a troubled sea,
Safety is the wind’s.

She drips beauty here and there
But it’s never a funfair.

It begins as seed.
Roots building good and bad deeds,
Stretching to the sun.

With presence that wakes the gongs,
…a celebration with songs.

Tales, lies told in school.
Itself, ‘tis a locked building
You live or death rules.

It’s a seed journey down there.
Don’t forget to see and hear.

A view from my head
hanging upside down, I see
tales and tails as one.

Life is a tear and a tear,
you wear it till you wear out.

It has many paths,
the end of each is unknown.
Still, we must march through.

The journey seems like a fall,
catch a branch or keep rolling.

Twists, turns and highways
are not all to this terrain.
Farm lands breathe here too.

Seeds, earth, water, sun, manure
Are worthwhile partners as well.

Let the wind direct.
Don’t get lost in its temper.
Live to sail again.

Tell stories to unburden
A clog must not stop your wheel

Jennifer Dafwat
Gently, whistle air.
Dusts crumb, rattle into mold.
Crooked to lay bare.

Breeze blown, but before birth
Nostrils felt what came henceforth.

Genesis tells tale
Nativity of mortals,
Born of immortal.

A bite of the forbidden,
Swallowed eternal life.


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