Poetry: Friendship (Love & Breakups)

love, breakup

We fit perfectly
Like feet in shoes
Until that time in the future
The shoes are worn
The feet will wane

Stone on stone
None feels the weight
None reasons to wear
We do not bother to fear
We were made not to tear

Since the stone rolled away
Now I ache from the womb
Like the volcano,
The lava erupts in tears

The pain of breaking
Equals the joy of loving
I do not know how to sing a sad song
But it’s sad to know
I will always love you

A little is enough
When too much is nothing
And then it gets too much
We fall to our knees for the offering.
There was a zoo inside of me
There were beasts, beautiful butterflies.
We were fruits, siamese, hanging from the tree
Waiting for laughter from the sun’s eyes.
You were my favorite war
Everyday on your field i yearned to battle.
I heard you wanted space, so time left.
This was the place where i bore bereft.
There’s still a you inside of me,
I scrub to remove this stinging scent.
You’ve refused to set me free
And you say that’s not what you meant.
Each morning reminds me
Each night does not forget,
How so close you embraced me
To erase how we met.
There was a zoo inside of me
There were beasts, beautiful butterflies.
We were fruits, siamese, hanging from the tree
Waiting for laughter from the sun’s eyes.
Now we say goodbye to hello
And hello to goodbye.
Our penance is in the tears we cry.
Love is like Winter, they’d always be snow

Friendship makes or mars
Friendship soothes these scars
It could make or break
It has joy to make

Sometimes it’s good
Sometimes it’s bad
Some check your mood
Some make you glad

Be careful who you friend
Some are there just for need;
Type that may bring your end
Some are like rotten seeds

Some might soil your heart with hate
Others may plant love in it
Careful when you choose your mate
That joy in your heart may sit

For the right friendship builds a man
It destroys on the other hand
When wrong, like some old rusty pan
Tend your friends as you would a land.

We want to begin stories as strangers
locking doors of smile, hurt and its dangers.
Carry a heart pure into a fitting ship
coerced to stand the pain of the long whip.
You wouldn’t be the first to see such cloud
for rain to pour on the humble and proud.
This breaks barriers, religion and birthmarks
it gives hopes to the dark, it’s lust to sparks.
Lethal flesh on scarlet petals
Angels for heavens, bullet are metals.
Knives to stab Brutus, Judas and Shade
Boats cannot hold waters that fade.
I have had stories that are lost
friends with a price tag, those that cost.
Here’s a shoe blade to help make a good feet
While we are sewn into a dress for life to fit.

Mom Once told me a lie.
I have six brothers
She said they were five
But I found him across borders

Mom once told me a lie
He’s from the womb of another
Our looks alike, one can’t deny
He is my dead ringer

Mom once told me a lie
We are love and not in love
No shears can tip this tie
We wear our friendship like a glove

Mom once told me a lie
The truth lies uncovered
In your hands, my soul lies
You’re a friend forever


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