Poetry: Deeds of the Sun (Rising & Settings)


Sunset makes me sleep
Sunrise makes me wake.
I wake
That you may rise
Delivering to me
Promises of what I hoped for.

I see beings
Going from day to day
Searching to locate your blinding eyes
You contain the summary
Of all they desire.

Sunset makes me sleep
Sunrise makes me wake
Searching yet again
For the ultimate promise of rest
Even as you sit on my head.

I am an object with light.
In the day, I give men sight
And at night I turn blind
What am I?

I am an object that shines so bright
Let there be light
And there was me
What can I be?

I am an object in the sky
Like the moon, stars guide me not
I am best betold as hot
Darkness rises when I lie

I am the Sun, I rise
But I never fall
I travel round the world
In one circle spot

I am the sun, just like God
Omnipresent, one like odd
I am the sun, older than mankind
I am the sun, king of the day

You all seeing eye
who lives and also dies.

As you cover your face with a veil
and darkness does not bear to bail.

You know the worth of the day
Only our black hearts know what to say.
Waking flesh in a temperate bed
lurking in the land of the undead.
Ice cold fingers on a warm tale
literally hurting the back without the tail.
Hear my words I know your fear
this is without the jitters of mine and dear.
I hear you’re busy waking what is stale
I forgot to ask if you’re female or male.
I know your match is below my thought
this is a good victory for the fight I fought.

Kissing open man’s eye
Its rising wakes the day
Veiling the light of day
Its setting shuts the eye

The sun fades our fright
That which comes with night
Darkness is now a sight
With it we see in might

These are the sun’s deeds
With rising and setting
The light that vision feeds
We know now its letting

For the sun is god
The Egyptians know
Its shine is a smile that feeds our joy.


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