Poetry: No, I Don’t Remember!


There was this time
This one time
She lied to me
She lied so bad

My mother said liars are dangerous
My mother said liars will kill
My mother said…
The liar said…
No, I choose not to remember

Time has now come,the truth be told
Tis but all gone; a lie turned cold
They say love is a battlefield,
And the heart is a fragile shield;
It bleats the moment your voice speaks
Like a sheep awakened from sleep,
Beautifully blaring baa baa.
Tunes that tune my mind to forgetfulness.

Be calm crude little noise,
Show me the dirt that cleanliness wants.
Let silence find herself a voice,
To speak about these quiet haunts.
They tamed their tempers,
Letting every enemy in
To the trap that renders
To make memory win

It was a call that beckoned death to life,
Bringing forth morning at night.
This heart remained a mighty fortress
Drinking gin and feeding sin,
Through thundering thick and thin.
So no, I do not remember
Your fame, your face , that name
nor the beautiful lies that flourished your truth.

Memories growing stronger than the earth
fading into the cries during a birth.
I have forgotten examples when I refer
to anything between now and before.
Neither nothing new nor normal remembers
our own oil oozing out of December.
I am in between the dumb and the wise,
dumber than stupid to recall what is wisdom.

Remind me again, how does pain’s face look?
Her touch still tickles,
but is she that old,cold, bold,
furry and folds full funny face?
With dimples in her wrinkles,
That one hardly see?
Remind me again, until I recall.
Or bless my little ignorance.

Emny Circuit.

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