Poetry: Before You Say No…


Decisions are soft nuts to crack,
But If you can’t, just let it live.
Watch it fly with the birds.
Who’ll weigh the consequences?
Root your reasons in loam, water it!
From its fruits, make me fresh juice.
And before you say no,
Feed your no with yeses.

Emny Circuit.
Why you dey burn
Your heart dey burn
Your eyes dey red
Like say something dey cook you?

No dey cry like dat
Like say you wan kill yourself
If him no go,
Another no go fit come.

Why you dey cry like that
Abi e put sugar for him own?

How many holes does the word love have?
Can we add a size to fit your ego?
The feat your anger flew in, went above sky range.
Your temper entered beaten, looking really strange.
Your tears flooded like nothing the oceans knew.
My remorse looked like winter covering to keep warm.
I told the world i’d stay grey with you,
When did promise become a synonym for harm?

Taste your thoughts one more time ,
Do not let this chance walk out the door .
Take your time but not forever ,
What have you to lose anyway?
Be to me, stingy with the truth
For I can joyfully live with that.
Remember I will be going nowhere
And i will keep doing this for forever.

The green leaf said to the white paper,
“Hey, I’m just being blunt. Come roll with me.”
Before you say no, do you know
That a smokescreen eventually fades?
Like a folk economical with the truth
Burning away with the lies of heightened bliss.
Come roll with me;
That we may get some brain cells stoned



Does the tongue help you talk?
For I know your words will also walk.
A torch-switch like flame.
before the feet of a beautiful dame.
Before your hungry mind answers
let it feel the healing cancer.
Let me drag the sun into my eyes
so it will convince the sun to melt this ice.


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