Poetry: The Day After Forever

after forever

Today is the day after forever,
None can tell the weather.
There is no morning,
Neither would there be day.
I watched when the sun stopped burning.
I picked the stars that fell,
Placing them back in space –
Though they lost their shine.
When will night come? None can tell.
Today is the day after forever.
And after now, there is no more tomorrow.

Emny Circuit
Lilies were once flowers resting in her arms
they took the form of a seed
once it knew its deed.
I knew the present was with a gift of tomorrow.
I never saw tomorrow on the edge fading.
What was has become
what will be has begun.
Whatever we call it has willed itself.
It is for rains to pour
It is for the fields evermore.

My good days are in a day after forever , i think.
Kissing me before we even meet.
Praising me for what is to be done.
Consoling me for all I did wrong.
Saving me from what I will live with.

Red uncertainties are wrapped with it.
But who cares, when it sits in forever?
Lush craving I always tag to it.
In my favour; I doubt its certainty.
Yet it dwells in a thought away.

This day i think of that day
A day that is the day after forever.
Oblivion and nirvana lurked within a corner,
Awaiting my soul’s arrival.

This day the quill finds what to say,
Gently scribbling undying thoughts however;
Wetting the page with ink as tears of a mourner
O Lord! Now i know, your muse is my survival.

That day won’t come
Like a forgotten lyric
Only remembered in a hum
We will run from
Days that deny us shivers
And nights of unsung songs
To days that dry our rivers
And spaces where wrong belongs.
But forever would come
Banging in the end like a drum
And our feet will remember what they saw
They’d learn above any law
That if forever grooms a mistake,
A day after forever can then come in its stead.


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