Poetry: A-F-R-I-C-A!!


Again they told us your story,
Free of wounded verses and hurting plots
Rain reigned like falling bricks; heavy.
I was born like this; happy.
Choose your wars, visit victory places.
“Africa,” that is the child in my story.

Another day shall give thee a chance to smile.
Freedom shall become thy middle name.
Rain those tears but flood not thy eyes,
Imbibe gently in all the love of brother.
Call on us and we will obey ,
Ask us this time and we will live right.

Ali was a Muhammad that defined you
For in your strength victories are laced
Reaching for heights that seems too tall
Internal strives is her only undoing
Calm these raging storms dear africa
Arise and claim your destiny, it’s long overdue

Across the oceans and seas.
From where our melanin flows,
Running into skins; black or white.
In spite our flawed floors,
Covering our tears, we strived.
And at our dawn, we remain strong.

Emny Circuit.
Achebe, the warrior King of Okwonko!
Fela, town crier of my people!
Resist not thy words, oh Jumo Kenyatta!
I will not detest your hidden knowledge Kwame Nkrumah!
Carmichael Stokeley! Who is interwoven with poetry.
All of you are heroes that make this continent black.


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