Poetry: My First Crush

girl-staring-wall (1)

In so much noise , then came silence
All dressed in cuteness and brilliance

He was my best friend,in my heart
But I was certain that we were worlds apart

A perfect gentle man I felt he was
So worthy of every heart pause.

My crush wore a lab coat with an imaginary fur
And the way he talked made me pur.

In good time, he was my imagination
Amusingly blurring any possible sane vision

He was like January in December,
And this is all I choose to remember.

Something in her eyes was missing,
It was the swoosh of returning the gaze i was giving.

I chose to live a lie
In truth i must deny

That yes you could have loved me still,
But the deeper the thought,the harder to heal

That envious shape on you…
Only me this agony knew,

That you’d surely say yes
To his gallons of signals, not mine, or even less.

My thoughts were scanty like a poor harvest.
Falling for Frida was of all the weathers, the harshest.

It was back in my primary school days
Funny how i always drool over the things she says

She was my teacher-lovely miss Rose
O my! I can still recall her finely chiseled nose

It was for her I had my rough life ordered
I learnt things all for the smiles her approvals offered

She has a smile that quenched even a dull man’s thirst
Truth be told, i am glad she was my first

Crushing on her woke my brain
Indeed it was for my young self a gain

She unknowingly through the pen gave me courage to speak
“Noel read more” she’d say, “explore wide if you must attain the peak”

One gaze too many
I’d buy biscuits for her with all my penny

She wore a dark beautiful skin
The respledence always made me keen

My young heart races in fear
A million miles and a thousand year

I remember your eyes and your pointed nose
The one that made me lose compose

Full of life,Young at heart
All I craved was to pave your path

The longing and the goosebumps
Always stood out in memories of my clump

She had a wink like that of the sky.
Wild feelings grew as the days went by.

She asked for a meter, I gave miles.
With two eyes closed binging on her smiles

The thoughts of her makes me soft,
with touches that stole my loft.

In her absence, I held courage.
Only then, to myself I’m a sage.

Words were always shoved from my lips,
Astound by her hips.

Since then, nothing really changed.
For with her, most times I’m deranged.

Emny Circuit.

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