Poetry: Get Well Fleasing!!


Am I not lucky to have found this storm
while we rained with water of words.
First time I met you, your page had form.
You picked up words and pierced our minds like swords.
I know it is not the last of our conquest
6 is not perfect or 1 to find the quest.
You are golden, chosen with a when
don’t let our inks dry to leave the withering pen.
Am I not lucky to know how big your heart is?
How bogus your life would be knowing you wouldn’t miss?
I kneel my words and bent their knees
Said it out loud to beg God please.
Whatever he wills, know the duty to hold
and who are we to question what has been told?
Get well soon brother, make a miracle happen.
Leave that thought in that ship, leave it and abandon.

Speak little brother, speak.
Turn around and drop that brick
Your heart has been already built
Worry not about gathering sticks
Get your soul down the mountain hilt.
Allow your burdens to fall
Off your shoulders,make the call.
We are immortals after all.
Carry your bag of promises
We have dreams to fulfill.
How ever deep this cut is
There’s nothing that something can’t heal.
Bury the thought of dying
Awake your spirit with a hymn
Weakness is why down you are lying
All you need is that taste of the neem.

Who dares give the verdict of life or death?
Whosever did!
To this verdict we all appeal.
Solemnly standing here, hear us now!
Your response can’t be otherwise
You promised already and I know you don’t forget.
So please hear us now!
This news we can’t bear or live with.
Burdened, swinging like the pendulum
Our heavy hearts, lost its calm.
Yet we pulse in accord. Pleading, please God hear us now!
Make my friend bolder in the face of trials
Make his smiles bigger than his fears.
And God please, I need to see him
When next we slam at JPS.
Please hear us now!

Emny Circuit

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