Poetry: A Broken Wind


Is what i call emotions.
The rush of dopamine skinned
Resetting motions-
But surely…
The speed of rustling as she whistles,
The entrance of louder whooshing.
The trees and her leaves sing too.
In wild calm rushes,a baptism;
The chrism, warm and soothing dew.
Then bursts abrupt, blustering open wide,
A screech, and tenderness escapes to hide.
Pieces picked. Pricked pieces.
She enters with a broken limb.
Flapping wings decrease.
The light in her eyes begins to dim.

Her hair stood quiet
Something was missing the wind.
Someone was broken.

Is it to the night or day,
Or the one who holds what I pray?
Crooked words to the earless
Faint whispers of my mess.
Dear broken mind in the wind
I know you do not like what I defined
The home from your return
The unspoken words I had to churn.
To you oh dear wind
Feel free, be broken
tie your mind with the unheard
Give to them your pain.

Can you feel the whirling wind blowing?
Steady is the strife of life growing
Sometimes it comes in pockets
Breezy storms that cause some to kick bucket(s)
If only we know how to fetch the bliss that comes with them

Strife and progress both work in tandem
Tis said ” A forward push requires a backward step”
That a man falls does not mean a life is ebbed
We fall only to rise
Failure is a fount of joy- for the wise

We live not only for the mirage and ‘giftings’ of blue dreams
Life is a pallette coloured by the workings of some divine schemes.

Failure is a fount
Quite the dirge of broken winds
Full of happy air

Understand all these
And i promise you a life of peace


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