Poetry: Amongst People…


Amongst people there are beasts
With wings whiling in the mists
Awaiting the curse to wear off
Needing a beauty’s drop of love.
Amongst people there are gods
Idols of good, evil and all
Those who foolishly defy the odds
Forgetting we all must stand to fall.

Only fine threads weave ugly baskets
colorful comments make horrible trinkets.
Amongst people what is your amulet?
What family name do you emulate?
Gurus, sages, philosophers or poets,
or those who hold lust by their anklets?
Amongst people what weakness fires your strength,
what would you say is your life’s length?

People walk around stoned
Strung out from hard deeds
Yapping in voices quite cloned
From reason, planting deceitful seeds
In the minds of others.
Careful when amongst people
The world reeks with false groups and orders.
Careful lad, the opium is bliss designed to make one feeble

In the company of Saints, Devil dwells
Sane and psychos bear like cells
Amidst the living, the dead roams
With distinct places they call homes
Here many have hearts of cheese
Others diamond, but that made us human
In various colours, textures of clay
Weak and strong, living in same Eden.

Emny Circuit

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