Poetry: Weak Strength


For you, I’m strong enough to fall.
Dear Delilah, shave them all.
I agree to be weak and brave
I’ll be your king and then your slave.

You crack my fortress from its wall
I know when my senses cave.
I hate the love i feel.
Goodbye is all i crave.

How my temper falls short of tall,
I fight gently to recall
The pain the hand endures to wave
The death our souls go through to save.

Strength is bigger, weakness is small.
Decide which you choose to shave
Regret is my appeal
Silence is for the grave.

We were clearly invisible,
with us, all was feasible .
We were the sweet taste you could feel,
The pain that would secretly heal.

Our ways were not acceptable.
This storm killed our brave dead Zeal.
Strength was dear but twas frail,
Breaking the seventh seal.

To all , we were incapable.
our weak hinged on a table .
Every stone heart we did steal,
And our bravery we could conceal .

We are athletes, yet disable .
Puppets held by common Steel .
Call us heads, not tail.
Though it is not Ideal.

I’m blown and lost to winds of doom
beside my joy, pain does bloom.
I’m beat and stung with pins so weak.
It starts today and through the week.

This home was built upon my fears,
with walls cracking to the world.
Troubled strands looks so curled,
strong with the strength of tears.

I have gathered weak – all I had
pushed harder towards the wall
I prayed but strength did not find me,
plus, dark days with sun hides my all.

Pain knows me and calls me by name,
Faith heralds and laughs at me.
Time blows to finds its sea.
Strength and weakness-my fame

Defeated yesterday lie waste
In the tragedy of haste
Victories are not for conquerors
Nor of glories for emperors

Was the thirst for hate borne of love?
So we do not gnash our lips
To save our tomorrow
From death and apocalypse?

The strength we concede to anger
Let our love die of hunger
As we count our deaths and losses
Tears flow from our victory horses

Our strength has shown us our weakness
Our angst made us savages
Our victory was vanquished
Our lessons for ages


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