Poetry: M-e-l-o-d-y!


Sing me an old fashioned song
Heal me, only your breath can free me
Take my hands and lead me
Soothe me, I’ll have this dance
Take this forever like it’s our last chance

Sing me an old fashioned love song
As sweet as honey and nectar
I have been waiting for so long
For a melody of freedom
To unchain me from my wisdom
That chained me in dire solitude
And sold my heart to servitude

We’ll dance under this moonlight
In the presence of fireflies
Sing and dance till the morninglight
In this melody my freedom lies

Baby, let my heart heath your songs
tell me those poems with a rhyme.
Hit my bells, I want to hear your chime.
Let it lead the mind that throngs.
O sweet clementine! Rhyme.

Ding dong the lips of my red heart,
open its gold, become silver.
Be the diamond stones in my song,
so you are most played on my carte.
Olo’omi, the rare sceptre
You are an ode that sings for long.
O sweet clementine! Stay chiming.

I and you are black and white,
keys that play and sing all night.
You and I make melody.
Sweet clementine, my symphony.

This is a song for the owl
Singing along is for all
It laughs and dances waiting to prowl
And at night
On its prey it would crawl.

Evening came and morning came
He couldn’t remember his name
For what it’s worth,or so he’d claim
His anger, her kindness would tame –
It’d scratch,light and start the flame
But the fire often burnt the same,
With pictures apart from the frame.

Oh no! This isn’t so!
The bigger the jack, it would tow.
Row, row, sail unto shore
A love song is a murderous cure.

In him lived a song
Lifting souls from low to high
Letting them stare doom; in the eye
He knew the truth and so did i –
And we did sing along.

Bliss was birthed at every chord,
for every note was plainly scored,
Written to be seen on a board.
Oh come ! Composer be adored,
With voices piercing like a sword
For every genre was explored
Fiercely with joy and one accord.

Thus, nothing shall ever go wrong.
Let us dance and feast on pie ,
Like it is chún jié in Shanghai
And may we all live long

I missed every moment
Of my childhood spent with you,
Of night lit by moon
When we sound like kazoo
And mates assemble as dune.

I missed the shimmering moment
Of songs sang at beautiful night
To inspire endless growth in me,
In us, and bitterness to spite.
Even mermaids, I do not see
For my heart dances to incite
Feelings like jumping into sea.

My heart yearns to hug your voice
Free of gongs
This is my choice
For my life, it prolongs.


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