Poetry: Head!


Obatala moulded a head for me
This head that followed me here
A head without fault
He rejected evil and poverty
My head covets only the good,
Good husband, good children
My leg refused the journey not approved by my head
Have you not heard!
There is no head like mine
My head danced to stardom
My head carried beauty and crown
There is no deity like my head
He heads heads
He leads leaders
Don’t forsake me
Because I carried you well
You are the beauty of my neck

Orí mí má gbà bọ dé
My ancestors chanted
I tune into their frequency
Heading my head to guide me
Through my secret destiny
It stands alone
Yet my head is an essence
Deep in its spiritual cells
Lies the days that have been ordained for me…

Orí mí tètè gbé ire pàdé mí lọnà
In the secret chambers of my thoughts
I cry to my head
Lead me to paths that are mine
Caution my spirit least evil befriends me
I close my eyes and hum praises
At my fortunate head
I dance ritually
As it leads me through dark lighted ways

Orí mí má tá kò mi o
I see myself naked to choices
Clinging to sin
Yelling for restoration
I yell as my ancestors did
Speaking in ceremonial tongues
My head most show me fortune
I converse with my head
Show me what the spirit is saying…

Omolola J.
The one on the black man
Holder of everything before,
the builder of the mind.
I venerate your feathers black to white.
Let your burdens rest with the back
showing how lofty arts be in the dark.
Giver of Gurum!
Hèn kaât a goe.
Then you should hold the water of heaven
sweet under your tongue.
So you spell on words like gods and powers.
We know your strength
owes God the potter.
So I speak of you
for you know what is true.

I am a village with no head
A tribe with no language
The hakimi to myself.
I don’t lay claims to another man’s land,
I don’t take pride where my blood has no sweat.

My roots are not dipped in any ancestral grounds
Yet, my head bore their mark.
It is their battle ground,
It houses their dead dreams
They scream when I turn left
But headlong I plunge in
Heading for my right.

Badanaryi they called
Casting down their nets
I told them not to fish in my head
For there will be no catch.

Deities are strangers to me
Even though they claim to be kin.
I drank the name Abeth from my mother’s breast
I didn’t ask to behead.

But they said it was to be my crown
A nice conclusion to my body.
I have made peace in my head.
But i know they will come again
This time with a golden net.



This head has cursed me with joy
It saved my life, made a man out of this boy.
I don’t know what to make of its size
Cabeza will remain even when this body dies.
Antepasados gave this to their son
This corona enthrones this one.
Esta cabeza has helped me begin
Mi cabeza shall start the ending


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