Poetry: Alone!

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I love to gather
Around people,
Sweat in their water,
Make their oceans ripple,

I love the noise,
The mighty few that makes a thousand.
I crave, i seek divorce in her voice.
We are all not alone in this island.

This army of ants
Speaking in gasping pants
A presence in absentia
Of an impending dementia

In a bid to quiet the noise
I strangle the loud voice
A step away from the norm
To journey into reform

In the frightening darkness
That overthrew the sunshine
I found my haven in the moonshine
A mixture of solace and somberness

In the silence thereto
I watched the stars descend from plato
And emptied my thoughts in clover
-Quatrains of zero spillover

Yes! Let this dawn call it up
leaving my feelings to fill the void.
This coffin – life, I can’t avoid
so comes myself in human, no backup.

I’m so thirsty with no friends
if these walls could talk cold
No comfort stitches can make amends
just leave me with darkness so I hold.

I looked into the walls
The reflections soon gone
Thoughts turned my peace on
Waiting when night falls.

Smile stole my face
Sitting in this solitary space
In the company of myself
Like a lost elf.

Where has our sailor gone?
Did he say bygone
To our ship and cargoes?
Did he lift the embargoes?
We are here alone, lost
Like ashes birthed by holocaust.
Where has our sailor gone alone?
Has he gone to another zone?

Alone, deep in thought
Going through lessons life taught
I have come to presciently realize
That there is more to life than meets the eyes

There is loneliness and there is solitude
Both are offshoots of being alone
One plays down emotions, the other improves attitude.
Its up to you to decide which to own


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