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So dear so near,
If only you knew that with your ink
You drain the sorrows and worries
From the tunnel of my heart
Into the clear blue sea
Neither contaminating nor discoloring
But mixing so perfectly with the ocean tides
Neither could they recognise your end from your beginning,
But you’re the hope, the voice I have,
For when I need you you are always there
The swishes against my pages you make,
The sounds I always long to hear,
Delivering from your belly the greatest of words,
Conveying to the world exactly what,
The depth of my heart wants to say,
but so much to the antagonizing effect of my tongue,
Which never fails to betray my trust,
Whenever I feel the need to explain,
No matter how much they hear or perceive,
You’re the only one to lead the way,
for they always get me wrong,
I don’t know why it’s always the same,
but with you my pen by my side
And your great companion both around
To you two I’ll forever be grateful,
For you’re my hope when all hope is lost
And you’re the rainbow in my sky,
and lest that cloud comes to occlude your path,
Just be sure to kick him off,
for you’re the only one deserving of my sky,
for you’re my one and lovely one

Afrah Mohammed is a student of the University of Jos, studying Medicine and Surgery. She is a lady of few spoken words who uses written words as a means of expression of the innermost feelings. Her Instagram handle @aayjaym contains most of her short works.
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