Poetry: Celibacy


Joys built in a pots of giggles
to live in the sands off course.
This is an eulogy for the soul to be lost,
to find the seeds of the wind when life whistled.
I am your reverting shade
called to know not sorrow or pain
to a needle as a stitch of laughter.
A celebrated word amongst ghosts of shame.
I am the shining edge of this moon
piercing the sky to birth stars
to juice or sauce your lips when you lick life.
I once existed to be fair and pure
to live and not dive in fives of shame.
What are my chances if my life is signed
or held by the edge of your thoughts.
Impure drops from heaven on a stained cloud
and watered as a life after the spirits.
I am a celibate water.



When words fled their minds
Lust lurked in thoughts
Conversation turned erotic
Hands wandered wild
Bodies clashed in ecstasy

Their minds travelled far apart
Their souls were strangers
One knew nothing of the other
Yet one contaminated the other
Fouling of souls

They knew each other
Yet their dreams were strangers
Shattering love to mere coitus
Until they indulged their passion to dust
And allowed revelations soothe their souls…

Omolola J.


I will like to cast my eyes the other way
when ‘Hello’ some fine young man might say
I will like to go a day or two add a third
Without my bare butt rumpling the sheet of a stranger’s bed!

Never again he swore!
but the oath was feeble and sure
he came again, and again
for himself, all he felt was disdain

Lola, with the kinky hair
Amina so tall and fair
Ada who would always sing ‘hi dear’
And Mariah, sets his blood on fire!

She would say ‘No! No!’ Firmly!
‘No’ gently, and then softly
moaning out that single syllable
Like oh God please show me what to do

My hairs fall off
My eyes are pale
I am sick of fleshly stuff
Lust, greed, fear and idleness begone!
Celibacy is my newfound tale!


Puddles of frequency
Giving up a piece of nothing
In return for a soul carelessly wasted
Returning favours as options
Concealed perfectly okay
Something in truth that doesn’t make it believing
Save her once again
Drowning in a pool of ignorance
A definition to what death can cause
Award winning for letting the mind stray
Serving and unswerving
Fabrication, action in matrix
Once again speak to the heart
Give up a piece of evenness
Though presented with two faceless cards of jokers
A deal is a deal but then with the father and son she’s the third
With Lucifer and his intentions she’s first
Heal the aching desiring part of you with your last bite



My ears are wide open to your soft words
How you praise my being gets me upset
I am not this perfect yet you carve my flaws in my curve
You, yes you
How dare you worship the ground I walk upon?
Your eyes speak a lot without your tongue casting thy thoughts
You number the strands of my hair
You leave your chest wide open for my hilarious sword to pierce
Your nails witness war and your fingers are taught to battle
Your mountain thoughts, evergreen forests, and acres of parkland made you settle for the Seattle
When you squint, you arouse my inner woman
The wanton in me celebrates
Even if I were Jezebel you will still call me Mary
I am still in awe of who I really am…

Rachel Charles

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