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Paradox is the title of our song
Parallel lies our destiny
Yet in our separate lives
In our claustrophobic corners
In the serenity of our lonesomeness
We ponder; and his heart says to mine
Could this be…?

Look into the water and tell me what you see
He said to me
And i thought those were the dumbest pick-up lines i’ve ever heard
But over and over again, he is in my life
And i in his.
Just being there
Saying i am here when you need me
Without necessarily saying it

And i would draw up pictures in my head
The language of my fingers in his hair.
The twist and turns of our rhythmic dance
As adrenaline caresses telepathy to climax.
He is my Samson
And i his Delilah
For in our magnetic connect
We know this

© 2013

Prudence Obadan-Enujiofor Is a writer, an author and an editor. She defines writing as an elixir…
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