Poetry: A song for the Sun


Oh yea Elephant of the sky
whose ears flap around its shadow.
I hail thee, demon of the night

whose shade is intimate with the ground.
How ugly you look closer
but so beautiful from afar.
I love your whispers more
it becomes fragments of words at night.
Oh yea great Elephant
how you look down on us like grasses
your step becomes day when it touches the ground
and where you lift your feet- night.
I love your trumpeting (truncating) rays
Oh great big Elephant.



It was one faithful day

After awakening from the clutch of death
that I met you

Air introduced you as her necessary other
Faning some fires you start,
Quenching others
Or dousing your heat
Green introduced you as a trusted ally
While light said it wouldn’t exist without you
But darkness
Darkness was that villain
Accepting defeat only when you show up
That was how I lived

Jennifer Dafwat


Eyes of the day,
Through you we see our daily ways
Your brightness doesn’t spare the sky
You reigned before rain.
Your company wet skins.
More friendly during winter.
Your smile comes with effort
Sometimes with comfort.
Your bright stare separates morning and night.

Ban gwan.


This is a psalm for the sun,
The murderer of darkness,
You who blot out the gloom,
Whose light is too bright short of dull,
Its magnificence is invigorating.
I bath, I feel, I unravel in its splendour.

Pour your rays down on my fate.
Waltz at the threshold of my soul.
Linger longer till there’s no dark to erase.
Let me remember the hours of your reign.
Your presence leaves me longing for encores.

May my wake be inspired by your call
And my day retire at your fall.
Penetrate the depths of the earth and bury your seeds.
An offering I shall gladly receive.



Big yellow orange in the sky
There was one of you yesterday
But it disappeared before dark
Will you disappear too?

Big yellow orange in the sky
You still grow without branches or tree
Your beauty hints to how sweet your nectar must be
How many of you are up there?

Big yellow orange in the sky
Yes you beautify the sky and give life to day
Yes I will love to see you tomorrow again
But I am salivating to have a taste of your juice
When will you be ripe enough to fall off?



Oh giant of them all
You rule the universe from six to fall
You shine amidst the bomb and fall
No pain can stand your rays
It will melt or decay
Oh sun!
You shine on us all
You scorch the good, bad and ugly
You burn the earth with no partial cord
Everyone tastea of your good measures
You dry up the slippery floors
Your ally, rain, can be envious of you much
Since we prefer the light and despise the dark.
Oh sun! You brighten my gloom

Rachel Charles


In rapturous wonder
I behold the miracle of you,
At your touch, I realise
My prayers never call unanswered

Whenever I come through your dazzling door
My life becomes more, becomes a verse of poetry

This song is for you
Symphonies in eternal ascension
Hymns in praise of timeless perfection
for you and chords who like you
Strum of celestial hideaways

Souls, who like you,
Embrace daily the wretched, the misfit and accursed!
Shine on, child of goodness


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