Poetry: Dear Bride…

Dear Bride,

Stay away!
My advice is to stop and ignore.
Sleep on this truth:
I’ll sleep with one, two or maybe four emotions
I’ll wake up In unfamiliar beds
I’ll speed up, rewind and slow the motion
I’ll not only by you be fed.
I’ll wake up at night and think about quitting
The mansion of jobs still unbefitting
I’ll stand on your shoulder and look you dead in the eyes
I’ll hold back the kerchiefs when you cry.
I’ll cook my feelings and serve it cold
I won’t force my composure when my conscience is sold.
On the night of mantle royalty
I’ll breakup with red lights
Commune with white sheets and avoid the river of red wines.
Like a chameleon I’ll change what clime ate
I don’t believe in soulmates even when two souls mate.
I’ll be a different kind of variance
A beast underneath this radiance

Dear Bride,
Please stop and avoid.
The funeral happens after what we’ve enjoyed
Embrace the beginning and reject the end
Some leaders are not often led
What is retired is extremely dead.



Dear Bride
Love is not always the factor
Read the Scriptures and know your suitor
Submit in awe and bow in pain
Raise your head with thorns even in the rain
Your leaves won’t wither
The seed planted is a righteous watch for cloudy weather
Your garment speeds white when the home reeks of black secrets
Mother laws will be replayed by in-laws
Your back will be a wood to shelter difficulty
The Joys of motherhood will script its way to your play
Still pray for him
Lean by him.

Dear bride
The bitter sweet ride will raise many gates
Familiarity won’t answer to them
Abundant keys of perseverance will be, slide through
Love is not the factor
Wounded knees is the Author of Blessed Unions
Careful words from the weapon could be a mass of destruction
Happy wedding Dear Bride.

Rachel Charles



Dear Bride
It is your day and it is long awaited
You dreamt of it longer than you prepared
Nothing but joy is allowed
No fretting, no anxiety, no worries

The chandelier may fall
Putting out the light in your favorite spot
But do not let the sport of light
Fail from your eyes
Bath in the moment
Remember the process that led up to this day

Today is just the beginning of forever
In forever, who you are
Is better than what you wore
So take time to think of what you’re about
What it will be and how it will be
Fantasies are figment of our dreams
Dreams do come true
But you have to try
Try with your eyes wide open
For what will be will pass
So walk the aisle
With your head up high
You deserve this moment of light

Jennifer Dafwat


Dear bride.
This ring is all you trust.
A little far too much to rush.
Think fast before that silver begins to rust.
With your mind on the edge of a knife .
Think most, don’t get carried away.
Even though you are wearing wedding dresses.
Beautifully you sway.
Keep that man’s and yours away from the street.
A lot of drama not too safe to be strict.

Dear careless bride.
Don’t hit up the clubs on late nights of early show.
The mix up is ready, beat the dough.
Build up that which you deserve though it’s undeserving.
Dry you your tears and cry not about absent nights and cold beds.

Dear bride.
On this day you are enough.
You are helluva woman.
On a ride or die till forever.
“Unblown” away by the tide.
Not alone you shall walk.
For your groom is standing side by side.
Offering you a life to work on.



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