Poetry: Happy Endings!

Once upon a time was naive and young,
A loneliness dying to be scratched.
And in that space darkness sprung
A void longing to be patched.

This story has no glass slipper.
High up with no hair to climb down,
Pot holes with ropes for a skipper,
Smiles eloped leaving behind a frown.

As fairies spun believable tales,
Anticipation silently grew in my belly.
Pain piled up a heavy weight for scales.
The cracks widened to reveal a secret valley.

For with death there is no bend.
Happiness should not find an end.



On a journey going West
Your heart is sometimes in your mouth
No one anticipates a test
But when the curve heads South
You learn to build a cage
Call your rib to back your trips
While you calm all rage
and balance your weight on both hips
Then comes a broken bone
And tears to make sunset fall
But correction comes off the broken bone
Beauty of dusk in the light standing tall
Journeys have ends
Not all roads end with bends

Jennifer Dafwat


Read my fairytale
It all started with fairy lies
My fresh juice was found stale
The end of loose ties

Garments arraigned in Gold
My glitters were silent tears
I laughed when peril times did unfold
A fairy tale whose sword gladly spears

A million smile can hide ugly hurts
Flowers will wither in any weather
Shall I blow the dynamite in courts?
Can I show them the torn leather?

The perfect couple perfection sore
Imperfect flaws wasn’t a core.

Rachel Charles

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