Poetry: Parturition


1. Birth beginning of death
2. Death alpha of Birth

1a. Birth alpha of Death
2a. Death beginning of Birth

1. Pregnancy gift from Man
2. Children blessings from God

1a. Pregnancy blessings from Man
2a. Children gift from God

1. Dying, the chord of life
2. Carrying her musical note

1a. Dying, her chord of life
2a. Carrying the musical note.

1. Childbirth loves bearing gifts
2. Joy welcomes the cradle’s feet

1a. Childbirth welcomes bearing gifts.
2a. Joy loves the cradle’s feet.

The chord sustains life
Placenta between mother and child

The placenta sustains life
Chord between mother and child

A curious pair of sparkling stars
Unfamiliar peering eyes

A curious pair of sparkling eyes
Unfamiliar peering stars

Eggs must bear life
life must carry eggs
Life must bear eggs
eggs must carry life

Man is an ocean of miracles
Humans are miracles like oceans
Miracles are oceans, like man.
Humans are oceans of Miracle

Sand and grains never meet
Lines that should be drawn apart

Sands should be drawn apart
Lines and grains never meet

Death is the antonym to Life
A narrow and wide road justifies.

Death and wide justifies
Life is a Narrow Road

Rachel Charles
1. An act of giving.
2. Taking away in forms.

1a. Act in forms of giving
2a. Taking in an act of forms.

1. Wake up, it’s creation time.
2. Breath into this nostrils.

1a. Wake up breath, it’s creation time.
2a. Breath into creation nostrils.

Pregnant with ideas,
Birthed to the ignorant.

Pregnant with ignorance,
Birthed of ideas.

Bore in difficulty and pain,
To be taken trivial.

Bore with triviality,
To cause difficulty and pain.

Hijab Gurl

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