Poetry: When I Was Born


When i was born, a star was born
Ma’ smiled at me though she was torn
Pa’ held me and said, “what radiance”
The world can’t contain this adience

When i was born, God gave a speech
Towering heights she will reach
Plans of her life i mapped
Dreams and desires i lapped

When i was born, a fate was known
The age of an Ultron was shown
History would have no record
Nor can sands of time give accord

When i was born, a name was sent
Though the world knew not what it meant
Many will call me by that name
And kings will marvel at such fame



When I was born, the earth stood still
They said I did come with a quill
With which I did write the notes of joy
On papa’s heart-being a boy

When I was born, joy filled the air
“Here comes the long awaited heir,
Balm to all that my heart does long”
Mama said, hugging me rather strong

When I was born, folks did rejoice
Tis said in me they found their voice
Now they clamour that I should write
Till I get to make wrong things right

When I was born, words blessed my soul
Writing became a lifetime goal.
Looking back to when I was born
I would say fate has indeed won
Noel Obinna


When I was born the sun was bright
Good was still good but wrong was right
Flowers did bloom ,spreading nectar
Birds did sing, caging all specter.

When I was born, the sun stood still
Peace was home , joy a heart to fill
Despite the pain I brought to mum
all was gone at the shot of rum

When I was born , pa’ had it all
He partied from sun rise to fall
Alot like myself did not stay
But this he said; will pave the way.

When I was born, I was named
And all who stood against me, Shamed
My eyes were clear but full of fears
Earth then knew I will wipe her tears.



When I was born, I was sure dead
A pained birth on a soft still bed
Came out mourning myself that day
Eulogies hovered where I lay.

When I was born, life had so fled
Away with blood that mama bled
To the grave to put on its tray
The breath stolen from my airway.

When I was born, I was misled
To think that life was about bread
So I lived in a world stained gray
Starving, yet chasing wine and hay.

When I was born again and fed
A new immortal life as said
I enjoyed what I did not pay
In this life I will forever stay!


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