Poetry: Give me back to me!

Our spirits kept late nights
Had authentic times, building love
With no invitation of lights
On each other’s lips true love writes
Promises made out of lust.
Never loved outside myself
Jealousy on me wears a crown
Smiles frown; give me back to my town.

= Bang1.

I am a band of rubbers;
The ones i don’t separate
Choke me with the others
Before i begin to lose weight.
The ones i do separate –
Do not set me free.
They give me bars to build my prison
To lock the parts of me stolen from me.

I was looking for myself
Then I found you
You pulled me off a shelf
And sat me on a pew
Your feet found the door
And myself too
You left without a word
Bring me back soon


The same thing shared at night
the music inside your eyes,
the rhythm beneath your breast,
the fore’ prayers done after noon,
the second chance to live,
the purity of our sins.
Give me back to me
the sweetness of a sleep.


I think of YOU more than myself
Just ‘whys’ and ‘ohs’ in front of YOU
Forget my needs to meet YOUr own
Sleepless nights in thoughts of YOU
Wrote Odes to show YOU love
Cried rivers to fill YOUr valleys up
Last night i tried to mirror me
It stared back like a nursery sketch.
I was a pure lad
Before you showed up
With pills of change and growth
And watched me overdose
My conscious consciously
With chains of broken innocence.
I wish my first line back
And never again my second.
I relinquished who i was
Drenching myself in your creation
Shedding my soul’s truths
While inhaling your sour spirit
When you lose me
I yearn to love what i hate
Teach myself some soul loving
A hollow for self love…
Omolola Onigbinde
Sounds of colour
What do I stand for?
The twisting thistles
Where will I turn?
When I see my cast
On bed of lowly grass
I beg to fight-
Return my star rights

Rachel Charles


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