Poetry: Drink A Cup or Two (Nursery Rhyme)


The first thing i do
When i wake up in the morning
is drink a cup or two
of water bottles pouring

The same i do at noon
before my lunch is ready
a cup beside my spoon
in case i choke already

At night i drink a little
Before i go to sleep
My friend is my water bottle
A cup or two, protects my lips.


Drink a cup or two
Drink your tea served warm
T’was made just for you
By the caring hands of mum

Milk helps build your bones
Sugar gives your limbs a boost
More strength to throw stones
A cup that’s liberty induced

One cup is pink
The other is green
Dump it empty in the sink
With a wide grin in sync



Scorching pretty yellow sun.
Keeping us away we hope not.
Smile little happy son .
Drink a cup and worry not.

Under the sky we love to stay.
Count flowers in yellow and red.
Singing with a flash or ray.
Drink a cup or two before bed.

Little hands cold feet.
Laughing hard is all we do.
Red and yellow the colours fit.
Drink a cup or split in twos.


One little day
I bought my drink
Two times mother did say
Wear your socks and wink

Hurray! It’s a happy treat!
I will buy my bread and tea!
I will spread the butter neat!
Mama will pay the Fee!

Mama can I wash my hands
While I play fairy maid?
Build my house in Castle sands
Bid bye bye till morning fades.

Rachel Charles

When thirst comes crawling in
Drink a cup or two
Your thirst will move in a spin
Your spit won’t feel like glue

Drink a cup or two today
To run your body engine smooth
As you go out to play
A cup or two will soothe

A cup or two of clean water
Will glow your skin to shape
As the sun grows hotter
Your shiny body you will keep

Omolola Onigbinde


Drink from books, a cup or two
Step by step they’ll lead to the sky
Knit your arms and say I do
And watch as dreams soar high too.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Forget the worries
Dance on your toes
With closed eyes to hurries
Open them not only to foes.

Once upon a time, two was prime
Tales of the past, present is now
Better a dime than much with crime
Dance in the rains and take a bow.



Today I will chew
My milk with no bread, I will drink
Everyday A cup or two
To grow big and think

Of how to buy more
For mom when she gets old
And can’t go to the store
When the weather gets cold

And unfriendly
For her old age
My young hand will be friendly
To give her a new page.

=Ban _ wan.


Happiness is contagious
Sorrow with a steam of sourness
Bullfighting is courageous
A rich drunk equals to dullness

Somehow i made it to the bar
Smiling with two gaps in my teeth
Got everyone thinking i was a star
Drowning my sorrows all beneath

Drank a cup or two
From my favourite jack
One too many still few
The cups piled up in stacks



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